Cliff is our oldest trekker. His birthday is 6/16/2009. He was born at our ranch and has been handled since he was just a few minutes old! His moms name was Bobbi (peacefully passed at our house of old age) and his dad is Avalanche- still kicking and will be 22 in August!!  Cliff has a "I'll do what you want me to do but don't touch me kind of personality." Once he is on a lead he takes to his handler pretty quickly and soon you will be great friends! 

Patriot was born on 9/11/2010. Him and Cliff are full brothers! Born just over a year apart. Patriot is very willing and is great with kids! He was the 2019 Versatility Champion at the Estes Park Wool Market, out of 95 llamas! Patriot is very kind-hearted and aims to please! He is our gentle giant of our herd. 

Chile is also a new addition, born in November of 2017 he is another llama that is perfect for all ages. He is a little more shy than Showman and they are best friends! He is our heaviest wool trekker and does a great job for his trail companion! He likes meeting new people and making their llama dreams come true! 

We have 4 new boys that are currently in training but will be going on treks this summer! I will get pics of them soon! :) 

Showman is one of our newest additions and one of the friendliest and most willing of all our llamas! He was born in October 2017. Aubrynne, age 8, takes him to shows and works with him a lot! He is very happy to go on treks and is happy with anyone who wants to lead him. He is a perfect trail companion for kids and grown-ups!