The llamas and I are SO excited that you are coming on a hike with us!

***** Please note this is a llama TREK, not a ride. You will be walking while leading a llama.*****

Check In: At minimum of 24 hours before your trek please contact me to "check in." Please TEXT (phone service is not great here) to the number listed above on the phone icon, 719 371 4839, I will then send you the location where I will meet you. ALL treks are YOUR OWN, PRIVATE, adventures!

******If you do not check in at least 24 hours before, we will assume you are a no show and will bring in our wait list trekkers to fill your spot. Your deposit WILL NOT be refunded*****

Children: Must be accompanied by a paying adult. Only children 12 and over can lead their own llama. Children under 12 can "lead" a llama with an adult also having a lead. Llamas, guide, and packs-mountain treks only, are all provided.
There are NO restrooms available. So please "go" before you come. :) 

Dogs: Absolutely no dogs are allowed on the premises at any time! Even in your vehicle! Llamas will not tolerate dogs they don't know and will stomp them into the ground if they are given the chance! Even service dogs will not be safe. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please bring your own: water, snacks, etc (no glass please), sunscreen, rain coat, sunglasses, chapstick, sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots. Its a great idea to bring this in a backpack or fanny pack. Keep in mind you will need two hands on the lead rope.

What to wear: Jeans are recommended. We will be walking through grass that is seeding and likes to poke through thin fabrics- like leggings. Wear sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots. NO SANDALS OR SHOES WITH HOLES (ie crocs, hiking sandals, etc) Sometimes the grass is damp from morning dew or rain, waterproof shoes are recommended but not necessary. Please dress in layers, it may be 30 degrees when we start and 80 degrees within an hour! You may also want to bring rain gear. If it becomes unsafe due to lightening we may pause the trek or reschedule. Otherwise rain or shine we will complete our trek! Usually rain showers are brief.

We will be at about 8500-9k feet in elevation. Please hydrate well for a few days before your trek. You may bring any snacks, water, etc that you need. No glass please. 

We look forward to meeting you! Text us if you have any questions!