Cliff is our oldest trekker. His birthday is 6/16/2009. He was born at our ranch and has been handled since he was just a few minutes old! His moms name was Bobbi (peacefully passed at our house of old age) and his dad is Avalanche- passed away March 2021. Cliff has a "I'll do what you want me to do but don't touch me kind of personality." Once he is on a lead he takes to his handler pretty quickly and soon you will be great friends! 

Patriot was born on 9/11/2010 and sadly he passed away on 5/16/2022. He leaves us many wonderful babies including trekkers Lincoln and Chinook. He left a huge hole in our hearts and we miss him dearly. Patriot is an ALSA (Alpaca Llama Show Association) Performance Champion. He is second generation to achieve this as Avalanche has his Performance Champion. Patriot was one of a kind and one of the best I have ever owned.

Tiny Boy is the friendliest llama we have! He LOVES to give kisses. He likes meeting new people and making their llama dreams come true! As you can see he is very TINY.  He is always willing and usually serenades us half way through a trek with his humming. You will fall in love with Tiny. He is such a cutie!

Gus is our slow and steady gelding. He was born July 2019. Gus is very quiet and easy going. He is our tallest llama at the poll and withers but don't let that intimidate you. He is a gentle giant and a wonderful packer. He is athletic and eager to please. Gus Gus would love for you to take him on an adventure!

Lincoln is our 1st Patriot baby and he is amazing. He is very careful with trekkers especially kids. Lincoln was born 6/2020. He has a very calm and elegant demeanor. We always say that Lincoln thinks he is so handsome (which he is). A trek with Lincoln is very relaxing and easy. Come meet him and you will see what I mean!

Bo is an excellent Public Relations llama. He is so willing and friendly. He has been in our house for a video interview and participated in birthday parties and other large public events. He was born 6/2021 at a ranch in Florissant, CO, Stage Stop Llamas. We got him when he was 6 months old and started training right away. Our plan is to show him and hopefully get his Performance Champion and use him for breeding. He would love to meet you! 

Magic was born here in 9/2021. He is still in training to accompany guests on treks. He has been on a few so far and has done marvelous! He is a little more timid and cautious than some of the others but he will outgrow that in time. He will be attending shows and hopefully adopt a 4-H kid next year. 

Chinook So Chinook is my BABY.  I tell everyone he is 2 part angel 1-Patriot (his dad) 1- Avalanche (his grandpa). I can't put into words how amazingly smart this llama is. He is kind, he is willing, he is just.... perfect. I am hoping that Chinook will be our 3rd generation Performance Champion. If my family wouldn't throw me out I would let him live in the house. Stay tuned for our adventures and videos on our Facebook page.